Deeleegenz - Let It Flow [GENTS127]
Music / Deep House 23-10-2020
Deeleegenz - Let It Flow [GENTS127]
Deeleegenz - Let It Flow [GENTS127]

Artist: Deeleegenz 
Title: Let It Flow 
Genre: Deep House
Label: Gents & Dandy's
Quality: 320 kbps

Deeleegenz - Let It Flow (Original Mix)
Deeleegenz - Moving On (Original Mix)

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Deeleegenz - TAKE YOUR TIME [HCR072] Deeleegenz - TAKE YOUR TIME [HCR072]
Music / Deep House 19-12-2019
Deeleegenz - TAKE YOUR TIME [HCR072]

Artist: Deeleegenz
Genre: Deep House
Label: House Cookin Records 
Quality: 320 kbps

Deeleegenz - 3340 (Original Mix)
Deeleegenz - Time (Original Mix)
Deeleegenz - Time (The Checkup Remix)
Deeleegenz - Every Single Day [HUP014] Deeleegenz - Every Single Day [HUP014]
Music / Deep House 19-08-2019
Deeleegenz - Every Single Day [HUP014]

Artist: Deeleegenz
Title: Every Single Day 
Genre: Deep House 
Label: Heat Up Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Deeleegenz - Every Single Day (Max Telaer Remix)
Deeleegenz - Every Single Day (Original Mix)
Deeleegenz - Family Trip (Original Mix)

VA – Shades of House [BBC105] VA – Shades of House [BBC105]
Music / Deep House 5-04-2019

Artist: VA
Title: Shades of House
Label: Berlin Bass Collective
Genre: Deep House
Quality: 320 kbps

Etur Usheo – Can’t Be The Party (05:07)
Sentient Beings – Pie In The Sky (06:53)
Jakob Mader – Vibe (06:40)
DJ With Soul – Something In My Soul (06:33)
Mystigrix – Need Somebody (07:40)
Boyard – It’s Been A While (07:13)
Danny Russell & Ronald Christoph – Rolling Jazz (07:13)
NRVVS – Hot 4 You (04:55)
The Checkup & Deeleegenz – When I Feel (08:00)
Justin Ramsey – Zip Zap (05:00)
Bridge Guy & Mountak – Undreamt (06:45)
Thermal – Loose (05:29)
Darles Flow - Shades [MSR0103] Darles Flow - Shades [MSR0103]
Music / Deep House 28-03-2019

Artist: Darles Flow
Title: Shades
Genre: Deep House
Label: M-Sol
Quality: 320 kbps

Darles Flow – Paraglider (Original Mix)
Darles Flow – Alive (Original Mix)
Darles Flow – Goodmorning (Original Mix)
Darles Flow feat. Victoria Loba – All the Love (Original Mix) 
Darles Flow – Sol and Flow (Original Mix)
Darles Flow – Sunset Chill (Original Mix)
Darles Flow – Cocktail Bar (Original Mix)
Darles Flow – You Are Awake (Original Mix)
Darles Flow feat. Marga Sol, Daniel Dann – Need You Tonight (Original Mix)
Darles Flow – Nightrun (Original Mix)
Darles Flow feat. Victoria Loba – Feel It (Original Mix) 
Darles Flow feat. Victoria Loba – Gonna Be Ok (Original Mix) 
Darles Flow feat. Victoria Loba – Restless (Original Mix) 
Darles Flow – Distant Echoes (Original Mix)
Darles Flow – Feel It (Instrumental Mix)
Darles Flow – All the Love (Instrumental Mix)
Darles Flow – Goodmorning (Levitation Mix)
Darles Flow – Orientalion (Original Mix)