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Earth Boys - Trail Remix [PR16] [FLAC] Earth Boys - Trail Remix [PR16] [FLAC]

Artist: Earth Boys
Title: Trail Remix
Label: Public Release Recordings
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: FLAC

Earth Boys – Trail Mix (T&P Remix) 06:18 123bpm
Earth Boys – Highway 1 (Earth Boys Remix) 04:29 122bpm
Earth Boys – Big Time (Khotin’s Omega Trek Mix) 06:43 125bpm
Earth Boys – Trail Mix (Mike Simonetti Remix) 05:52 120bpm
Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) [ZENDNLS483I] [WAV] Peggy Gou - It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) [ZENDNLS483I] [WAV]

Artist: Peggy Gou
Title: It Makes You Forget (Itgehane)
Label: Ninja Tune
Genre: Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Quality: WAV

Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) (Edit) 03:56 125bpm
Peggy Gou – It Makes You Forget (Itgehane) 06:35 125bpm
Angelo Ferreri - Postive Humour [GU2183] [WAV] Angelo Ferreri - Postive Humour [GU2183] [WAV]

Artist: Angelo Ferreri
Title: Postive Humour
Genre: House, Disco
Label: Glasgow Underground
Quality: WAV

Angelo Ferreri – Positive Humour (Original Mix) 07:07 122bpm Dmin
Djane Tesla - Reflection [MSR020] Djane Tesla - Reflection [MSR020]

Artist: Djane Tesla
Title: Reflection 
Genre: House / Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Machine Soul Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Djane Tesla - Reflection (Eighties Nature Remix)
Djane Tesla - Reflection (Original Mix)

Kiwi - Amityville EP [FBR056] Kiwi - Amityville EP [FBR056]

Artist: Kiwi
Title: Amityville EP
Genre: Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Futureboogie Recordings
Quality: 320 kbps

Kiwi – Amityville (DJ Tennis Remix) 08:38 0bpm Amin
Kiwi – Amityville (Original Mix) 06:53 115bpm Amin
Kiwi – Paco (Original Mix) 07:37 115bpm Amin
Kiwi – Warriors (Original Mix) 06:15 122bpm Amaj
VA - Habemus Paname [BLV1987725] [FLAC] VA - Habemus Paname [BLV1987725] [FLAC]

Artist: VA
Title: Habemus Paname
Genre: House, Deep House, Disco
Label: Pont Neuf Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Folamour – Edges of Freedom 06:50 120bpm
Cosmonection – Paraiso 06:29
Cheshire Cat – Love Cuts, Heart Kicks 07:21
Paris Groove – Place des fetes 05:22
Sweely – Music Is Something Special 10:13 119bpm
Kx9000 – Palmyres 04:30
Alva – Disco Inferno 06:10
Heuphrasia – Vodoo Jazz 06:37
VA - Habemus Paname Vol 2 [PNC002] [FLAC] VA - Habemus Paname Vol 2 [PNC002] [FLAC]

Artist: VA
Title: Habemus Paname, Vol. 2
Genre: House, Deep House, Disco
Label: Pont Neuf Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Heuphrasia – Good Morning Paris 05:45
Taos – Successes & Failures 05:20
Kx9000 – Fuoriclasse 06:11
Paris Groove – Les Cocotiers 05:06
Alva – Brizmax Dance 05:54
Cosmonection – Movement 05:23
Cheshire Cat – Badass Preacher 06:48 120bpm
Sweely – My Devotion for You 04:56
VA - Habemus Paname Vol 3 [PNC003] VA - Habemus Paname Vol 3 [PNC003]

Artist: VA
Title: Habemus Paname, Vol. 3
Genre: House, Deep House, Disco
Label: Pont Neuf Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Alva – Louxor Funk 06:01
Cosmonection – Dust in Space 06:49
Heuphrasia – Road 909 05:56
Kx9000 – Requiem pour un boogie 05:23
Madcat – Cities of Lights 05:00
Paris Groove – Liquid Soul, Pt. 2 06:24
Taos – Souvenirs 03:51
Tour-Maubourg – Anyway You Want 07:19
VA - Dantze Baby IV The Hidden Tracks [DTZ089] VA - Dantze Baby IV The Hidden Tracks [DTZ089]

Artist: VA
Title: Dantze, Baby IV: The Hidden Tracks
Genre: Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: Dantze
Quality: 320 kbps

Aaron Ahrends – Rain (Original Mix) 08:14 121bpm F#min
David Hasert – Repeat Offender (Original Mix) 08:57 103bpm A#min
Dirk Sid Eno – Kap Hornstrasse (Original Mix) 06:49 125bpm Cmaj
Gunjah – Looroo (Original Mix) 08:00 120bpm Amin
Joshua Jesse – Hesperusa (Original Mix) 07:20 121bpm Gmin
Luke Garcia, Th3 Oth3r, Aves Volare – Time To Close The Door (Nicone Remix) 06:38 118bpm Emin
Nicone – Just Dance (Original Mix) 07:27 122bpm Cmaj
Sid Le Rock – On (Original Mix) 07:16 117bpm Cmaj
Stefan Mint – Life Begins (Original Mix) 06:52 125bpm Amin
Sucre Sale – Dunja Dunja (Original Mix) 08:36 123bpm Fmaj
USED USED – In Use (Original Mix) 06:12 116bpm D#maj
VA - Trash The Wax Vol 5 [PAPDLA234] VA - Trash The Wax Vol 5 [PAPDLA234]

Artist: VA
Title: Trash the Wax, Vol. 5
Genre: Disco
Label: Paper Disco
Quality: 320 kbps

Belabouche – Random Events (Original Mix) 05:48
Bruno Belissimo feat. Cyen – Handsome Music (Extended Mix) 06:46
Fantasy Love Affair – Music Saved My Life (Original Mix) 05:39
Fever Few – Them Persians (Original Mix) 06:27
Fingerman – Burnin’ Sanders (Original Mix) 08:31
From Beyond – Old Steel (Original Mix) 05:48
K-Effect – Controversy (Original Mix) 06:41
Kooky – Why Do You Always Take Your Time? (Original Mix) 06:12
Kris Ramea – King (Original Mix) 06:52
Marma Boog – Crazee (Original Mix) 05:10
Minus the Majors – The Mast (Original Mix) 07:20
Rayko – Toxic Avenger (Mix 1) 06:11
Seven People – Tekakwitha Elevator (Obscure Italo Version) 06:25

Almost all experts date the emergence of this style to 2002. It has to say thank you for its name to one popular music online-magazine Beatport, which in 2008 published a press-release on opening a new genre page on the website, where the following was reported: Beatport launches nu disco / indie dance genre page. Nu Disco is compositions and remixes that use samples from such music genres from the late 70s and mid 80s of the XXth century as Disco, Boogie, Cosmic, Balearic and Italo-disco, as well as Eurodicso, Electroclash.

Here you have a unique opportunity to download Nu-disco music for free and play it on our web-portal.

In the mid 2000s dance covers and remixes of the songs from the 1980s became very popular. Such super hits in Nu-disco genre topped the European, Australian and Japanese charts: vLolas Theme by Shapeshifters, Call on Me by Eric Prydz, Out of Touch by Uniting Nations, What a Feeling by Global Deejays, I will Be Ready - Sunblock. Peak of popularity of Nu-disco in Great Britain was in the middle of 2005, when two remixes of popular disco-composition Waiting For A Star To Fall entered top-10.

In 2002 Nu-disco genre found a new lease of life. It started to conquer the dance clubs of the North America and then straight to «Billbooard» charts. It owes its popularity to Justin Timberlake (composition «Take Back The Night»), Bruno Mars (Treasure), Robin Thicke (Blurred Lines). But the most popular hit in Nu-disco style, of course, is Get Lucky, Daft Punk, featuring Pharrell Williams and guitarist Nile Rodgers. «Get Lucky» topped the hit parade «Billboard Hot 100» for 5 weeks and became the main dance song of 2013.

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