TRU-URBAN Speaker Buster 808 and Analog Synth Bass KONTAKT
TRU-URBAN Speaker Buster 808 and Analog Synth Bass KONTAKT
Dive into an array of different 808 basses tuned just like a piano, ready to add the right punch, tune and character to your beats. From tight controlled 808's to ridiculous, ignorant bass, it's all in the "Speaker Buster". 

Over 100 different 808 presets sound amazing right out-of-the-box.
Every preset was designed to be instantly ready to use for quick production. 
Never be trapped in a box... Speaker Buster features a full suite of tools and effects perfect for crafting 808 & bass
A selection of 808 samples as templates for building your own killer 808 bass sounds. 

Deep Analog Synth Bass
It gets even better. You can't forget about the smooth analog synth bass perfect for R&B and Soul.

Speaker Buster contains over 30 deep analog synth bass patches based on samples from the legendary Moog and Mini Moog synthesizers. You hear the Moog synths in all kinds of R&B records from late 70's and 80's to today.
That classic analog bass sound is sure to add warmth and flavor to any urban track.
Take these anaolg basses even further by tweaking and creating entirely new and unique sounds using the suite of on-board tools and effects.

Note Glide 
We've included a full Glide/Portamento/Legato/Uniso control panel for dialing in the right slides and glides between notes. Use the basic controls to quickly get the sound you're looking for or go into "expert mode" to create a more specific behavior. 

What's included?

Over 100 808 bass patches (includes raw 808 samples and patches for creating your own 808's)
Over 50 Custom Designed 808 Patches Ready to Go Out-of-the-Box! 
gui2.pngOver 35 Analog Synth Bass Patches (sampled from legendary Moog/Mini Moog synhtesizer)
Full suite of tools and effects for crafting your own bass sounds
Low Band EQ
Low Cut Filter
High Cut Filter
Transient Master
Easy to use, user friendly interface
All samples in .wav form included 

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