Bela D Media Giovani Revive KONTAKT
Bela D Media Giovani Revive KONTAKT
32-piece youth choir incorporating both ensemble and chamber sized vocal sections

Discover this exciting and significant development in the world of sampled voice. The Giovani Edition was the first truly dedicated youth choir library determined to strike a chord with musicians ranging from the semi-pro to the most seasoned professional. Bela D Media has faithfully captured the glory of an authentic youth choir complete with 24-bit traditional church ambiance. The Giovani Edition sample library effortlessly produces a sincere, natural tonality alive with essential human characteristics.

Enlisting the talents of a professional 32-piece youth choir, the Giovani Edition had achieved a sampling first by incorporating both ensemble and chamber sized vocal sections, finally enabling the correct composition of choral parts using a sample library. In addition, Bela D Media was the first to acknowledge and sample a complete girls choir.


Sixteen vocalists Boy choir ensemble
Sixteen vocalists Girl choir ensemble
Four vocalists Boy choir chamber
Four vocalists Girl choir chamber
Boys and Girls vocal effects


The Giovani Choir is made up of very talented boys and girls from age 8 through 12 with an interest in performing challenging music at the highest level. The children won first prize at the Star Music Festival National Choral Competition and has toured throughout the USA and England. They also sang as invited guests of the Alliance for Arts and Understanding at the World Festival of Singing in the Czech Republic, performing in Dvorak Hall in Prague, St. Stephen´s Church, Prague and at churches in Hradec Kralove.

V Script
V Script is a sophisticated power tool designed to ease the burden of the working composer. Most aspects are done behind the scenes or on the fly. The composer simply needs to create vocal sequences (a group of elements) and store each by a simple press of a Key-switch.

Mix elements into 12 part vocal steps to create a sung verse
Create and store up to 12 verses with instant call-back
Attack and release control per 12 step element
Elements include all looped, sustained vowels
Real-time polyphonic legato (semitone)

Sampled Youth
All wav data contains a subtle church ambiance. The supplied and attached IRF is of said location. The user can manipulate and/or bypass completely any additional reverb via the GUI panel.


Boys Ensemble 
Sustained Vowels
Moving Elements
Agnus Dei
Dies Irae
Veritas DominiBoys EFX
Mystic Whispers
Shots, Noise and Constants

Girls Ensemble
Sustained Vowels
Moving Elements
Morte Aeterna
Peccata Mundi
Requiem Aeternam
Girls EFX
Ghostly Moans
Haunted Laughter
Horror Clusters
Horror By Design

Boys Chamber 
Sustained Vowels
Moving Elements
Oh Lah V Say
Oo Zay Nah Tus

Girls Chamber 
Sustained Vowels
Moving Elements
Ah Lah Fee Tay
Ee Tih Tus
Oh Day Me Chay

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