Real World Soloing, 96 Rock Licks, Ear Training with Steve Stein & Dan Denley (2016)
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Real World Soloing, 96 Rock Licks, Ear Training with Steve Stein & Dan Denley (2016)
Real World Soloing: Once the basics of lead guitar playing such as scales and arpeggios have been covered, inquisitive minds would ask things like "How do I solo over a rock song?” People can go on asking things about soloing over metal, pop, country, blues, or what have you.

Or a deeper question might be when do we solo from a logical, music theory perspective or when do we solo by pure "feel” alone? Such questions are answered by none other that Steve Stine in his course called "Real World Soloing”. This course provides all what you need to approach songs ranging from a piece of music with a logical chord progression to songs with chords that don’t make sense yet sound really good.

Content Runtime: 4Hours 22Mins

96 Rock Licks

Music, just like any language, has two important factors: vocabulary and grammar. You wouldn’t be able to speak, say, rock if you don’t know enough "words” right? And this is why Steve Stine’s "96 Rock Licks” will always be a great addition to your ever expanding arsenal of licks and tricks to be include in your guitar playing. 

As it’s name says, the course contains 96 licks that have been inspired by the vast influences that make up rock ranging from the vocal-like quality of the blues to the wild and crazy world of 80s influenced guitar tricks like Van Halen style divebombs.

Content Runtime: Approx 4Hours 21Mins

Essential Ear Training For Guitarists

Essential Ear Training will help you develop music-sensitive ears and double your effectiveness.

Content Runtime: Approx 39mins

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