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Audiojack - Cosmonautics EP [8BIT191] Audiojack - Cosmonautics EP [8BIT191]

Artist: Audiojack
Title: Cosmonautics EP
Genre: Deep House, Progressive House
Label: 8bit Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Audiojack - Begin Again (Original Mix) (05:48)
Audiojack - Cosmonaut (Original Mix) (05:40)
Audiojack - Liberation (Original Mix) (05:53)
Music / Deep House 24-03-2023

Artist: TGYAPAW George Riley
Title: GLAMOUR Riddim
Genre: Deep House
Label: Fabric Records
Quality: FLAC

TGYAPAW George Riley - GLAMOUR Riddim (05:49)
Taleman - Kung Fu For Peace [AML025] Taleman - Kung Fu For Peace [AML025]
Deep House / Electronic 24-03-2023

Artist: Taleman
Title: Kung Fu For Peace
Genre: Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Amulanga
Quality: 320 kbps

Taleman - Kung Fu For Peace (06:49)
Taleman - Little Lonely (06:49)
Taleman - Watching Ice Melt (07:44)
True2Life - Same Old Story [HUG014] True2Life - Same Old Story [HUG014]
Music / Deep House 24-03-2023

Artist: True2Life
Title: Same Old Story
Genre: Deep House
Label: Huge Music
Quality: FLAC

True2Life - Same Old Story (Eugene Glasgow Remix) (06:05)
True2Life - Same Old Story (05:56)
VA - Street King Presents Miami 2023 [KSD478] VA - Street King Presents Miami 2023 [KSD478]
Tech House / Deep House / House 24-03-2023

Artist: VA
Title: Street King Presents Miami 2023
Genre: Deep House, House, Tech House
Label: Street King
Quality: FLAC

Andy Bach MaryDee - Right Back To Me (Extended Mix) (05:33)
Andy Bach - Sugar Hill (Extended Mix) (06:19)
Barbara Tucker Tuccillo Paul Adam - One Desire (Unreleased Paul Adam Funk Remix) (06:26)
Ben Murphy - If You Want My Love (Original Mix) (06:54)
Blaze UDAUFL Barbara Tucker CASSIMM - Most Precious Love (CASSIMM Remix) (06:06)
Christian Hinz Vinylsurfer Dry & Bolinger - Want You To Know (Dry & Bolinger Extended Remix) (05:23)
DAN:ROS Mark Coppi Venessa Jackson - No Other (Original Mix) (06:00)
DJ Wady Alec Lino - Crowd (Unreleased Dub) (06:21)
DJManuel Miss Kelli Mirko & Meex - Move (Mirko & Meex Extended Remix) (05:16)
Dennis Ferrer Dj Kone & Marc Palacios - Church Lady (Unreleased Dj Kone & Marc Palacios Alternative Remix) (05:36)
DuBeats Col Lawton - Cautious Heart (Original Mix) (05:52)
Eddie Amador Coco Street Reelsoul - Let The Riddim Move Ya (Reelsoul Cosmic Ride Mix) (07:04)
Hotswing - Get Over You (Extended Mix) (05:48)
Iaco Cinzia Brown - No War (Original Mix) (07:13)
Killed Kassette Austins Groove Venessa Jackson - Shake Your Body (Extended Mix) (05:44)
Lenny Cesar Venessa Jackson Masaki Morii - Late Night Music (Masaki Morii Remix) (07:04)
Lexx Groove Dj Marika - L'Afrique (Original Mix) (06:16)
Marcus Zuercher - Soul (Original Mix) (06:01)
Roland Clark Urban Soul Qubiko - Have A Good Time (Qubiko Remix) (06:16)
Sebb Junior Oggie - Can I Be Me (Extended Mix) (06:15)
Stephanie Cooke Diephuis Han Litz Jihad Muhammed - Beautiful Life (Bang The Drum Vocal Remix) (07:13)
Stewart Birch Tamika Tyan - Stratospheric (Extended Mix) (06:20)
Trevor Gordon - Since The First Time (Original Mix) (07:05)
Two Lee - Pushing Down (Original Mix) (06:04)
Yuichi Inoue - I Can Feel It (Original Mix) (06:02)
VA - United Colors of Rhythm, Vol. 3 [UCOR008] VA - United Colors of Rhythm, Vol. 3 [UCOR008]

Artist: VA
Title: United Colors of Rhythm, Vol. 3
Genre: Deep House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco
Label: United Colors of Rhythm
Quality: 320 kbps

Alejandro Paz - Love Is OK (04:48)
Fernanda Arrau - Nueva Orden (04:42)
Kresy - Alegría (06:20)
Nico Castro - Lay on Me (05:16)
Parissior - The Most Urgent of Messages (05:36)
Pvlomo - Sorayama (07:10)
Todd Terry March Madness 2023 Chart Todd Terry March Madness 2023 Chart
Todd Terry March Madness 2023 Chart

Artist: VA
Title: Todd Terry March Madness 2023 Chart
Genre: Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, House, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Al White, Josh Caffe - Meine Lederjeans (Paranoid London Remix) (06:30)
Ferreck Dawn, A-Trak, Lee Foss, Uncle Chucc - Free (Ferreck Dawn Extended Remix) (06:00)
Harry Romero, HoneyLuv - Inside My Mind (Original Mix) (05:59)
Joe Ventura, Ceevox - Coming On Strong (2023 Extended Mix) (07:46)
Joeski - Afro Latinism (Original Mix) (06:55)
Kenlou - KenLou Thump (Original Mix) (05:10)
Mark Lower, Fleur De Mur - Burn For Love (Extended Mix) (06:15)
Michael Gray, Kelli Sae - You’re Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else (feat. Kelli Sae) (Michael Gray Extended Remix) (07:16)
Pete Griffiths, Ebony Soul, Ann Nesby - Get Together (Extended Mix) (05:43)
Roog, Ron Carroll - Wasn't For The Music (Jay Vegas Remix) (05:33)
Sean Finn - Cada Vez (CASSIMM Extended Remix) (06:17)
Todd Terry - Fly Like an Eagle (Extended Mix) (04:27)
Todd Terry - Give Me Your Love (Extended Mix) (04:10)
Ronnie Spiteri Miami Heat Ronnie Spiteri Miami Heat
Ronnie Spiteri Miami Heat

Artist: VA
Title: Ronnie Spiteri Miami Heat
Genre: Deep House, House, Melodic House & Techno, Tech House, Techno
Quality: 320 kbps

Alaia & Gallo - Can't Give It Up (Original Mix) (06:22)
Black Hawks of Panama - We Will Not (Original Mix) (05:35)
CASSIMM, Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall (Extended Mix) (05:45)
Cajmere, Dajaé, Marco Lys - Brighter Days (Marco Lys Remix) (06:23)
Danish, Tom Hennessy - All Night (Radio Edit) (04:19)
Danish, Tom Hennessy - Sanctuary (Radio Edit) (03:32)
Gideon, Fer BR - Work That Shit feat. Fer BR (Fer BR Jackin Mix) (06:29)
Illyus & Barrientos - Red (Original Mix) (06:35)
Kassier - Strangeways (Original Mix) (05:44)
KeeQ - Sweet Little Nothing (Extended Mix) (07:23)
Macromism - Aline (Original Mix) (07:18)
Marc Maya - Get Down (Francisco Allendes Remix) (07:06)
Mario Ochoa - La Corriente (Extended Mix) (08:04)
Miguel Bastida, Matt Sassari - Avount (Original Mix) (07:48)
Otistic - Bomba (Extended Mix) (06:15)
Ozgur Uzar - What Was the First House Track Ever Made (Original Mix) (06:13)
Paul Cart - Let's Go Back To The Dancefloor (Original Mix) (05:57)
RSquared - Brown Eyes (Original Mix) (06:07)
Rafa Barrios - Chants (Original Mix) (05:52)
Ronnie Spiteri - Fusion (Original Mix) (06:12)
Ronnie Spiteri - Nightmare (Extended Mix) (06:19)
Saul Antolin - Tambores (Kassier Remix) (05:42)
The Junkies - Just Ride (Original Mix) (06:57)
Tony Cortez, Orito Cantora - La Negra (Extended Mix) (07:02)
Sir Young SA - The Groove Within [IGS011] Sir Young SA - The Groove Within [IGS011]
Music / Deep House 23-03-2023
Artist: Sir Young SA
Title: The Groove Within [IGS011]
Genre: Deep House
Label: Instant Groove Sounds
Quality: 320 kbps

Sir Young SA - The Groove Within (07:12)

Mihai Popoviciu March Chart 2023 Mihai Popoviciu March Chart 2023
Tech House / Deep House / Minimal 23-03-2023
Mihai Popoviciu March Chart 2023

Artist: VA
Title: Mihai Popoviciu March Chart 2023
Genre: Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech, Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Andrew Azara - Antipode (Original Mix) (06:42)
Atish, Vridian - Instant Transmission (Mihai Popoviciu & Markus Homm Remix) (07:18)
Damien Almira - Ana's Dream (Original Mix) (10:12)
Djoko, Kolter - Cellular (Original Mix) (07:05)
Eddie Richards - Feel The Music (Original Mix) (06:44)
KiRiK - Up Up (Original Mix) (09:25)
Luke Hazell - Better At Night (Rhadow Remix) (06:59)
Paul Haro - Lunar (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (06:33)
Tomàn - Chevere (Original Mix) (06:30)
Yaroslav Kinsky - Arange (Mihai Popoviciu Remix) (07:09)

Our web-portal offers you only high quality deep house music. This is a unique style, which sprang into popularity all over the world, with a very interesting history. Now, when visiting our website, you can listen to your favorite songs of the highest quality.

Deep house music mp3s free downloads.

Deep house is a unique genre of music that originated in the late 1980s. The father of it became the old and good house and gospel. When these two styles were combined, some new music emerged. It couldn’t leave the dance music lovers cold.

From the very beginning deep house fused the elements of soul, funk and jazz with some touches of electronic music. Firstly, they took and recorded the main idea, tempo and music itself based on the old chord progressions, which were played on electronic organ. Development of Detroit techno and American garage gave special impetus to this music style.

Difference from the other genres of music

The main difference from the other similar styles of that time was that deep house was jazzier, this style was very rich and at the same time more minimalistic, if compared to techno. Very strong and unique structure of this music style resulted in the fact that in the mid 1990s deep house differed from all other house-styles and became more popular year after year, attracting a lot of followers and fans of this style of music.

Today we can mention a wide range of prominent artists who contributed to the development of the deep house style: Eric Kupper, Larry Heard, Kevin Yost and more. Each year new albums are released and the music itself is played on the dance-floors with ever increasing frequency.

Deep house found its own individual and outstanding style, but it also became a kind of music that many people love. The main feature of Deep House is that it perfectly matches live professional voice and has lively tunes. The music itself is pleasant to hear, full of soft and harmonious melodies.