Native Instruments Traktor Pro Plus v3.9.0 WiN Native Instruments Traktor Pro Plus v3.9.0 WiN
TRAKTOR PRO Plus is an add-on subscription for existing TRAKTOR PRO users. Through this subscription, we will release an ever-growing stream of exciting new features outside of the usual major releases. These features will not be mandatory for base functionality but are intended to improve sound and performance by utilizing certain innovative technologies found across the entities of Soundwide (the umbrella brand that includes iZotope, Plugin Alliance, and Brainworx). Our hope is that this will enable you to enjoy more immediate access to our ongoing developments at TRAKTOR, thereby providing new instances for creative inspiration on a regular basis.

Unlock our latest features. We’ll be adding cutting-edge tools and effects for Plus subscribers frequently. We’ve outlined our release schedule for the coming months in a road map, which you can see here.

Use built-in sound packs to create custom percussion loops to complement your sets, all mappable to your existing setup and hardware.

Arturia FX Collection 2023.5 WiN Arturia FX Collection 2023.5 WiN
26 essential audio production plugins offering musicians and producers the inspiring, musical, and pro-grade software tools they need to get creative with their mixing, combining unmatched vintage gear emulations with game-changing contemporary effects.


Bus FORCE v1.3.0
Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.4.0
Chorus JUN-6 v1.4.0
Comp DIODE-609 v1.3.0
Wavegrove HCL Islander v1.1.1 WiN Wavegrove HCL Islander v1.1.1 WiN
Islander Vari-Mu compressor with a clipper
This is just not another compressor in an oversaturated market. This is a dual gain stage feeder with time controls that doesn’t get in the way. This is a classic vari-μ design filled with a gritty groove. This is a high-end clipper with added tonality options. This is your gain stage’s first or final step. This is Tom Hanks with fire. This is Titanic’s parallel universe survival. This is phase free raw gain at its purest form. This is Islander – our take on Handcrafted Labs ingenious parallel tube drive design.
Impact Soundworks Tape Sculptor v1.0.0 WiN Impact Soundworks Tape Sculptor v1.0.0 WiN
VST Plugins / Audio Soft 3-06-2023
Tape Sculptor is a next-generation tape plugin that can go far beyond typical tape emulation to enhance your productions in all-new directions. Created in partnership with brilliant engineer Jatin Chowdhury. Whether you’re looking to infuse subtle warmth and color during mastering, fatten up drum and bass parts, add lo-fi grit or extreme distortion, or explore entirely new sound design possibilities, Tape Sculptor delivers!

Tape Sculptor’s shining feature is its versatility, allowing you to infuse subtle warmth and dynamics, add character through analog fatness and saturation, bring cohesion and polish to your mix, add a vintage vibe, create space and depth, or completely morph your sound into a creative, boundary-pushing realm.
Wave Arts MultiDynamics 7 v7.00 WiN Wave Arts MultiDynamics 7 v7.00 WiN
MultiDynamics 7 is a powerful multi-band dynamics processor useful for mastering, track processing, sound design, and noise reduction. MultiDynamics provides up to 6 bands with independent compression or expansion/gating per band.

Multiband dynamics processing combines the techniques of equalization and dynamics processing, but is more powerful than a static equalizer or a single band dynamics processor. Below are some of the possible ways to use MultiDynamics 7:
Audiority Plugins Bundle 2023.5 CE Rev2 WiN Audiority Plugins Bundle 2023.5 CE Rev2 WiN
Soft / Audio Soft 1-06-2023
This bundle includes ALL Audiority effects plugins. This page (as well version number and price) will be updated on every new plugin release.

included effects:
Deleight v1.4.1 - Multi Tap Stereo Delay with cross feedback
Echoes T7E mkII v2.2.2 - *Binson® Echorec® T7E Magnetic Echo
GrainSpace v2.4.2 - Granular processor & reverb
Harmonic Maximizer v1.2.0 - Multiband exciter & loudness maximizer
LDC2 Compander v1.2.0 - Analog modeled optical compressor & expander
Plexitape v1.3.1 - *Maestro® Echoplex® EP-3™ tape echo
Polaris v1.8.1 - Echo/Reverb based on early digital reverbs of the late 70s
PolyComp v1.2.0 - Analog simulation multiband compressor
Pre X7 v1.5.1 - Analog modeled tube preamplifier
Pyros v2.1.0 - Aggressive distortion unit (formerly The Abuser)
Side Filter v1.3.0 - HighPass filter

Wave Arts Convology XT Complete v1.28 WiN Wave Arts Convology XT Complete v1.28 WiN
VST Plugins / Audio Soft 1-06-2023
Everything you’d expect from a world class plugin and more – Zero latency, "Scale” functions of Stretch and Decay, EQ, PreDelay, Stereo 3D Chorusing (can either emulate early DSP gear, or be applied to vocals and instruments) Stereo Width from Mono to "Outside your speakers,” Reverse and more. Yet the most outstanding feature of this plugin is the ease of use when dialing in a particular sound. Just click on any section of the library, then click on the unit and file and you’re there.

Convology XT – The "Complete” Library (sold separately) includes 2,965 Vintage Reverb Presets – 126 Pieces of Vintage Studio Outboard Gear! Worldwide Studio Partners Sampling Gear On Numerous Grammy Winning Artists!

Klevgrand Richter v1.0.0 WiN Klevgrand Richter v1.0.0 WiN
Soft / Audio Soft 1-06-2023
A compressor beyond the ordinary
Richter is a tectonic compressor, designed to achieve heavy compression with a minimal amount of artifacts. It is the result of many years of experimenting in the Klevgrand labs. Normally a heavily compressed audio signal gets distorted, often with a nasty "zipper noise" artifact because of how the internal envelope followers are engineered. The experiments led to a brand new approach resulting in a compressor that empowers you to squeeze every bit of sonic perfection out of your tracks. Use it for meaty mixes, punchy drums or smooth, transparent vocal tracks.

Due to how the algorithm is designed, there are a few unconventional controls to tame Richter. First of all: one single parameter controls how much compression will get applied. The other (important) parameter controls how the internal envelope follower will react to transients vs continuous/lasting sounds. These two parameters make Richter a highly intuitive compressor where the user quickly will be able to dial in the wanted sound. On top of that there’s a boost switch that literally makes the amount span go to eleven. And, as the name suggests, earthquake levels are possible.

Wave Arts Power Suite 6 v6.17 and Panorama 7 v7.02 WiN Wave Arts Power Suite 6 v6.17 and Panorama 7 v7.02 WiN
VST Plugins / Audio Soft 30-05-2023
Covering the essential aspects of sound design, our critically acclaimed audio plug-ins feature outstanding sound quality, exceptional CPU efficiency, stunning visual interface design, world class customer support, and tremendous value for the money.

Power Suite 6 plug-ins run within most MacOS (AU/VST3/AAX) or Windows (VST3/AAX) based music production or audio editing application.
Cradle The God Particle v1.2.2 WiN Cradle The God Particle v1.2.2 WiN
VST Plugins / Audio Soft 30-05-2023
add mass to your mix
Jaycen and our team at Cradle spent three years refining every detail of The God Particle - from harmonic algorithms to UI functionality, no stone was left unturned in our pursuit.

With the mission to completely replace every aspect of Jaycen's analog workflow, hundreds of hours were spent in the research and development phase of creating The God Particle.

Together, we not only emulated these processes, but improved on them too.
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