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Takashi Kurosawa – My Body EP [KBP123] Takashi Kurosawa – My Body EP [KBP123]
Music / Acapella 11-10-2021

Artist: Takashi Kurosawa
Title: My Body EP
Genre: Progressive House
Label: kluBasic plus
Quality: 320 kbps

Takashi Kurosawa – My Body (Dub Mix) 7:10
Takashi Kurosawa – My Body 7:34

Ritchie Haydn, Medusa – Caught Up [NOIR005X] Ritchie Haydn, Medusa – Caught Up [NOIR005X]
Music / Acapella 30-09-2021

Artist: Ritchie Haydn, Medusa
Title: Caught Up
Genre: Progressive House
Label: ICONYC Noir
Quality: 320 kbps

Ritchie Haydn, Medusa – Caught Up (Arnaud Cordova & Julian Liander Remix) 7:28
Ritchie Haydn, Medusa – Caught Up (Instrumental Mix) 6:22
Ritchie Haydn, Medusa – Caught Up (MXV Remix) 6:51
Ritchie Haydn, Medusa – Caught Up 6:22
Liam Garcia – Get Twisted [ETREE424] Liam Garcia – Get Twisted [ETREE424]
Music / Acapella 30-09-2021

Artist: Liam Garcia
Title: Get Twisted
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Electronic Tree
Quality: 320 kbps

Liam Garcia – Get Twisted 6:47
Liam Garcia – Not Typical (Not Sure Mix) 6:41
Liam Garcia – Not Typical (Twisted Mix) 8:16
Liam Garcia – Not Typical 8:18
Alexxon – Mount Wudang / Echoes From the Valley [SYC120] Alexxon – Mount Wudang / Echoes From the Valley [SYC120]
Music / Acapella 29-09-2021

Artist: Alexxon
Title: Mount Wudang / Echoes From the Valley
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Synth Collective
Quality: 320 kbps

Alexxon – Echoes From the Valley 6:32
Alexxon – Mount Wudang 6:43
Bachir Salloum – Foggy Morning [BALANCE024EP] Bachir Salloum – Foggy Morning [BALANCE024EP]
Music / Acapella 17-09-2021

Artist: Bachir Salloum
Title: Foggy Morning
Genre: rogressive House
Label: Balance Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Bachir Salloum – SIDEK 8:01
Bachir Salloum – Random Glitch 8:03
Bachir Salloum – Foggy Morning 8:30
VA - Artist Edition East Cafe [SUPER372] VA - Artist Edition East Cafe [SUPER372]
Music / Acapella 16-09-2021

Artist: VA
Title: Artist Edition: East Cafe
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Superordinate Music
Quality: 320 kbps

East Cafe – The Inverted Pyramid 7:04
East Cafe – Enter the Woods 7:17
East Cafe – Without Legacy 7:26
East Cafe – A Grain of Sand 7:56
Ricardo Piedra – Plankton (East Cafe Rmx) 8:00
Robert R. Hardy – Chasing Pleasure (East Cafe Rmx) 8:08
East Cafe – Being Kind Is Overrated 8:32

Morttagua – Hypnos – Remixes [TM0118] Morttagua – Hypnos – Remixes [TM0118]
Music / Acapella 10-09-2021

Artist: Morttagua – Hypnos
Title: Remixes
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Timeless Moment
Quality: 320 kbps

Morttagua – Hypnos (Melody Stranger Remix) 7:06
Morttagua – Hypnos (Soul Button Remix) 7:05

Demian Morr – Since Ur Gone [BCSA0504] Demian Morr – Since Ur Gone [BCSA0504]
Music / Acapella 7-09-2021

Artist: Demian Morr
Title: Since Ur Gone
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Balkan Connection South America
Quality: 320 kbps

Demian Morr – Untitled 7:40
Demian Morr – Since Ur Gone 8:30

Dylan Deck, Hobin Rude – Pyrus [BVL063] Dylan Deck, Hobin Rude – Pyrus [BVL063]
Music / Acapella 7-09-2021

Artist: Dylan Deck, Hobin Rude
Title: Pyrus
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Bevel Rec
Quality: 320 kbps

Dylan Deck, Hobin Rude – Pyrus 7:19
Dylan Deck, Hobin Rude – Pyrus (Monostone Remix) 7:21

DJ Acapellas - Only 4 DJ's: Acapella Tools, Vol. 1 [GOM0542] DJ Acapellas - Only 4 DJ's: Acapella Tools, Vol. 1 [GOM0542]
Music / Acapella 31-08-2021

Artist: DJ Acapellas
Title: Only 4 DJ's: Acapella Tools, Vol. 1
Genre: DJ Tools
Label: Great "O" Music
Quality: 320 kbps

DJ Acapellas - Levels (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:18
DJ Acapellas - Gangnam Style (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:39
DJ Acapellas - Drive By (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:16
DJ Acapellas - We Found Love (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:35
DJ Acapellas - Call Me Maybe (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:13
DJ Acapellas - What Makes You Beautiful (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:16
DJ Acapellas - Moves Like Jagger (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:26
DJ Acapellas - Show Me Love (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:32
DJ Acapellas - What Is Love (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:06
DJ Acapellas - Toca's Miracle (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 4:01
DJ Acapellas - Strike It Up (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 2:28
DJ Acapellas - Wiggle It (Acapella DJ Tool) (Original Mix) 3:25
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Music industry is the only element, consisting of many genres, trends and manners of performance. It is impossible to single out one genre, which was the basis and foundation for formation of music. But not every modern trend can boast a centuries-old history of formation, development and popularization.

Among the main modern categories of music performance we can single out one genre — Acapella. Interpretation and formation of the term Acapella took place in the middle of the XVIIth century. The emergence of this genre happened in the result of high level of religiousness and popularity of the church. Live performance in the spacious halls of the church caused a furor among the audience. The term Acapella meant any choral and vocal performance without any use of musical instruments. Initially, such limits were imposed due to the absence of professional musicians and instruments. Rapid development of this genre got closer to the end of the nineteenth-twentieth century due to choral performance in theater and folk festivals.

In modern performance Acapella music is gaining new popularity after its decadence related to emergence of new genres in the 1970 of the last century. In many cases Acapella music can be heard in theaters, folk concerts, choral performance of troupes and ensembles. Many modern pop-artists welcome this genre despite its specific limits. Actually, DJs use Acapella music and with the help of already completed sounds they create a new mix. The use of voice processing often helps combine the melody, rhythm of electro music and Acapella.

Already completed soundtracks are popular on festivals and parties. If earlier one was supposed to find an artist to process the mix, now it is less time-taking and ready records can be used. Combination of characteristics of pop, electro music and Acapella created a new, very popular concept, which helped to introduce it to bigger audience.

Popularity of Acapella music in electronic style was caused by its specific character and wide differentiation of the genre, because this music is used in dance industry, where completed mixed soundtracks are used.

Here, on the pages of our internet-portal you may look through the diversity of this specific Acapella genre and download the chosen melody for free. Electronic Acapella music is a range of styles, which take the material for their work from many other trends, and this is the preferential audience.