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Leonid Borovyj - No Need to Know [STAZIS424] Leonid Borovyj - No Need to Know [STAZIS424]
Music / Acapella 20-12-2022

Artist: Leonid Borovyj
Title: No Need to Know
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Stazis
Quality: 320 kbps

Leonid Borovyj - No Need to Know (05:25)
DAYKON - Stay With Me [SUPER454] DAYKON - Stay With Me [SUPER454]
Music / Acapella 21-10-2022

Artist: DAYKON
Title: Stay With Me [SUPER454]
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Superordinate Music
Quality: 320 kbps

DAYKON - Stay With Me (Bensus7 Rmx) (06:56)
DAYKON - Stay With Me (Pad One Rmx) (09:31)
VA - 4 To The Floor Accapellas, Vol. 4 [FTTF016D] VA - 4 To The Floor Accapellas, Vol. 4 [FTTF016D]
Music / Acapella 11-09-2022

Artist: VA
Title: 4 To The Floor Accapellas, Vol. 4
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Label: 4 To The Floor Records
Quality: 320 kbps

10th Street Assembly - Free Me (Accapella) (03:01)
Blaze - Breathe (Accapella) (02:58)
Blaze, Alexander Hope - How Deep Is Your Love feat. Alexander Hope (Accapella) (03:38)
Copyright, Andre Espeut - Yali Lo Kweli feat. Andre Espeut (Accapella) (05:27)
Copyright, Shovell - One Drum feat. Shovell (Afropella) (01:50)
DJ Spen, The Muthafunkaz - Holy Ghost (Accapella) (07:10)
Deep Zone, Ceybil Jefferies - Praise Him (Lift Your Hands Up) feat. Ceybil Jefferies (Accapella) (07:10)
Jazz-N-Groove, Mystery Marquis - Freedom feat. Mystery Marquis (Accapella) (03:44)
Josh One - Contemplation (Dario D'Attis Accapella) (02:12)
Key To Life, Kathleen Murphy - Find Our Way (Breakaway) feat. Kathleen Murphy (Accapella) (01:23)
Kings Of Tomorrow - K.O.T. Anthem (Accapella) (01:37)
Lydia Rhodes, Tommy Bones - Put It On You feat. Lydia Rhodes (Accapella) (04:18)
Migosy - Skyline (Rancido Deep Journey Accapella) (06:41)
Next Phase, Helen Bruner, Terry Jones - I Ain't Got Time feat. Helen Bruner feat. Terry Jones (Voices) (03:45)
Priceless, Zander Hardy - Prison feat. Priceless (Accapella) (03:14)
Robert Owens, Sandy Rivera - Just Won't Do (Accapella Tool) (01:34)
S.Chu, Mila Falls - Oh My feat. Mila Falls (Accapella) (05:53)
Sy Sez, Cleveland Jones - With You feat. Cleveland Jones (Accapella) (04:37)
Una Mas - All I Need (Accapella) (03:04)
bumpPRO - Freeze (Accapella) (04:08)
Mauro Picotto - Acapella DJ Tools [ALCDG195] Mauro Picotto - Acapella DJ Tools [ALCDG195]
Music / Acapella 27-07-2022

Artist: Mauro Picotto
Title: Acapella DJ Tools
Genre: Acapella, Trance
Label: Alchemy
Quality: 320 kbps

Mauro Picotto - All I Need Is Komodo (02:51)
Mauro Picotto - All Night (03:16)
Mauro Picotto - All Yours (02:51)
Mauro Picotto - Ayala (Can You Feel It) (03:17)
Mauro Picotto - Don't You Even Know My Name (03:10)
Mauro Picotto - Every Day Every Night (02:58)
Mauro Picotto - Feels Like Home (03:44)
Mauro Picotto - Fly (03:55)
Mauro Picotto - I'm In Heaven (01:16)
Mauro Picotto - Illusion (02:57)
Mauro Picotto - Ladidah (02:19)
Mauro Picotto - Melody (03:51)
Mauro Picotto - Reignite (02:58)
Mauro Picotto - Sunny (03:00)
Mauro Picotto - Take Me (03:12)
Mauro Picotto - Tout Petit La Planète (01:41)
Mauro Picotto - Traveling Woman (02:17)
Mauro Picotto - Unthinkable (00:40)
VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 6 VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 6
Music / Acapella 10-07-2022

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe Volume 6
Genre: Acapella
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

ATFC - Juss A Beat (Accapella) (01:01)
Audiowhores - Stay (Accapella) (07:23)
Bunny Mack - Let Me Love You (Accapella) (06:31)
Chocolate Puma - Morning Rain (Accapella) (02:48)
Chocolate Puma - Whohadchants (Original Mix) (02:01)
DJ Gomi, Yasmeen, Louie Balo - Glad I Found You feat. Louie Balo feat. Yasmeen (Accapella) (02:45)
DJ Gregory - Breeze (Accapella) (04:04)
DJ Spen, Knee Deep - Gotta Have House (Spen A Pella) (03:06)
Dirty South, Rudy - Let It Go feat. Rudy (Accapella) (01:26)
Funkerman - Speed Up (Accapella) (03:37)
Jon Cutler, E-Man - It's Yours feat. E-Man (Accapella) (01:59)
Julie McKnight, Louie Vega, Jay 'Sinister' Sealee - Diamond Life feat. Julie McKnight (Accapella) (03:56)
Kings Of Tomorrow - Can't Stop (Accapella) (04:53)
Marc Evans - Reach Out For Love (Accapella) (06:03)
Mike Dunn, The Md X-Spress - Do Yo (House Dance) (Accapella) (02:02)
Mike Dunn, The Md X-Spress - Let The Muzik (Drive Yo Phunky Soul) (02:06)
Mike Dunn, The Md X-Spress - This Here Is House Muzik (Accapella) (04:57)
Sandy Rivera, Haze - Freak (Accapella) (04:02)
Studio Apartment, Marc Evans - Serenity feat. Marc Evans (Accapella) (06:15)
Studio Apartment, Yasmeen Sulieman - Sun Will Shine feat. Yasmeen Sulieman (Accapella) (06:18)
The Jinks, Mina Jackson - Spread My Wings feat. Mina Jackson (Accapella) (03:52)
Thommy Davis - Mars Needs Women (Accapella) (01:37)
Yass - My Only (Accapella) (05:38)
jOHNNYDANGEROUs, The Jinks - Dynamite Muzik feat. jOHNNYDANGEROUs (Accapella) (03:52)
VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe, Vol. 17 [DEFACD17D] VA - Defected Accapellas Deluxe, Vol. 17 [DEFACD17D]
Music / Acapella 30-04-2022

Artist: VA
Title: Defected Accapellas Deluxe, Vol. 17 [DEFACD17D]
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Label: Defected
Quality: 320 kbps

AMP Fiddler, Andrés, Dames Brown - What Would You Do? feat. Andrés, Amp Fiddler (Accapella) (03:22)
Bontan, Clementine Douglas, Mele - Take Control feat. Clementine Douglas (Accapella) (03:21)
Boys Noize, Jake Shears - All I Want feat. Jake Shears (Accapella) (04:15)
DAVIE - Testify (Accapella) (02:56)
David Penn, Ramona Renea - Lift Your Hands Up feat. Ramona Renea (Accapella) (04:28)
Ferreck Dawn, Jem Cooke - Back Tomorrow (Accapella) (03:07)
Hilit Kolet, Kay Elizabeth - Techno Disco feat. Kay Elizabeth (Accapella) (01:57)
Inner City, Idris Elba, Steffanie Christi'an - No More Looking Back feat. Steffanie Christi'an (Accapella) (02:36)
Junior Jack, Glory, Jocelyn Brown - Hold Me Up feat. Jocelyn Brown (Accapella) (06:00)
Leo Moreno, Ferreck Dawn, Alex Mills - Selfish Games (Accapella) (04:13)
Marco Faraone, Greeko - Armaghetton (Accapella) (05:44)
Marco Faraone, Lolita Leopard - My Name feat. Lolita Leopard (Accapella) (05:11)
OFFAIAH - Play It By Ear (Accapella) (03:01)
OFFAIAH - Private Show (Club Re-Edit Accapella) (04:29)
OFFAIAH - Soldier (Accapella) (04:10)
Riva Starr, Phebe Edwards - Love Divine feat. Phebe Edwards (Accapella) (04:25)
Spiller, Sophie Ellis-Bextor - Groovejet (If This Ain't Love) feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor (Accapella) (04:52)
The Vision, Andreya Triana - Heaven feat. Andreya Triana (Accapella) (05:00)
The Vision, Andreya Triana - Home feat. Andreya Triana (Accapella) (03:26)
Todd Edwards, Sinden - Deeper (Accapella) (04:17)
VA - King Street Sounds Acappellas Essentials [KSD456] VA - King Street Sounds Acappellas Essentials [KSD456]
Electronic / Acapella 17-01-2022

Artist: VA
Title: King Street Sounds Acappellas Essentials [KSD456]
Genre: Electronica / Downtempo
Label: King Street Classics
Quality: 320 kbps

Ananda Project - Moment Before Dreaming (Acappella) (04:36)
Blaze, Barbara Tucker, UDAUFL - Most Precious Love (Dj Tools & Acappella) (06:49)
Deep Grounder, Virag, Alex Ander - Tonight (Acappella) (04:38)
Dennis Ferrer - Dem People Go (Acappella) (01:40)
Dennis Ferrer, Danil Wright - Church Lady (Acappella) (06:56)
Fuminori Kagajo, Adeola Ranson - Piece Of Heaven (Acappella) (04:22)
Joi Cardwell, Blaze, UDAUFL - Be Yourself (Acappella) (05:42)
Josh Milan, Namy - From Now On (Acappella) (05:07)
Kai & Kyle, Gordon Chambers, CK Gospel Choir - Higher Than High (Acappella) (07:36)
Kimara Lovelace - Only You (Acappella) (06:33)
Man Without A Clue - I Got A Funky Vibe (Acappella) (02:27)
Michelle Weeks, Cookie Monstrez - Spread Love (Acappella) (06:49)
Monday Michiru, Terron Darby - Moments (Acappella) (05:44)
Myra - Come To Me (Acappella) (03:31)
Peven Everett - I Can't Believe I Loved Her (Acappella) (05:31)
Queen Rose, Nitescape - Atlantis (Acappella) (05:03)
Rain - A Lil Louis Painting - Give It Up (Acappella) (01:56)
Sky Hy - Head Between the Speakers (Acappella) (02:55)
Stephanie Cooke - Alright (Acappella) (05:35)
Stephanie Cooke, Kenny Bobien - Love's Been Right Here (Acappella) (05:10)
Ultra Nate - Party Girl (Acappella) (04:06)
Urban Soul, Roland Clark - Black In My Soul (Acappella) (02:16)
Urban Soul, Roland Clark - My Urban Soul (Acappella) (03:37)
Urban Soul, Roland Clark - Until We Meet Again (Acappella) (04:30)
jOHNNYDANGEROUs - Beat That Bitch (Acappella) (03:12)
Nakul C – NightWalker [BC2398] Nakul C – NightWalker [BC2398]
Music / Acapella 30-12-2021

Artist: Nakul C
Title: NightWalker
Genre: Progressive House
Label: BC2
Quality: 320 kbps

Nakul C – Cascade (Original Mix) (6:32)
Nakul C – NightWalker (Original Mix) (7:28)
Nakul C – You Are The One (Original Mix) (6:20)
Matías Delóngaro, Javier Stefano – Rotation [AHD224] Matías Delóngaro, Javier Stefano – Rotation [AHD224]
Music / Acapella 23-12-2021

Artist: Matías Delóngaro, Javier Stefano
Title: Rotation
Genre: Progressive House
Label: AH Digital
Quality: 320 kbps

Matías Delóngaro, Javier Stefano – Rotation (Original Mix) (8:47)
Matías Delóngaro, Javier Stefano – Rotation (Mariano Fuchilo Remix) (9:02)
Matías Delóngaro, Javier Stefano – Rotation (J Lauda Remix) (7:29)
Matías Delóngaro, Javier Stefano – Rotation (Doki Remix) (8:01)

Emro – Here Together [ESH274] Emro – Here Together [ESH274]
Music / Acapella 22-12-2021

Artist: Emro
Title: Here Together
Genre: Progressive House
Label: Emergent Shores
Quality: 320 kbps

Emro – Here Together (Extended Mix) (6:55)
Emro – Close to You (Extended Mix) (8:30)

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Music industry is the only element, consisting of many genres, trends and manners of performance. It is impossible to single out one genre, which was the basis and foundation for formation of music. But not every modern trend can boast a centuries-old history of formation, development and popularization.

Among the main modern categories of music performance we can single out one genre — Acapella. Interpretation and formation of the term Acapella took place in the middle of the XVIIth century. The emergence of this genre happened in the result of high level of religiousness and popularity of the church. Live performance in the spacious halls of the church caused a furor among the audience. The term Acapella meant any choral and vocal performance without any use of musical instruments. Initially, such limits were imposed due to the absence of professional musicians and instruments. Rapid development of this genre got closer to the end of the nineteenth-twentieth century due to choral performance in theater and folk festivals.

In modern performance Acapella music is gaining new popularity after its decadence related to emergence of new genres in the 1970 of the last century. In many cases Acapella music can be heard in theaters, folk concerts, choral performance of troupes and ensembles. Many modern pop-artists welcome this genre despite its specific limits. Actually, DJs use Acapella music and with the help of already completed sounds they create a new mix. The use of voice processing often helps combine the melody, rhythm of electro music and Acapella.

Already completed soundtracks are popular on festivals and parties. If earlier one was supposed to find an artist to process the mix, now it is less time-taking and ready records can be used. Combination of characteristics of pop, electro music and Acapella created a new, very popular concept, which helped to introduce it to bigger audience.

Popularity of Acapella music in electronic style was caused by its specific character and wide differentiation of the genre, because this music is used in dance industry, where completed mixed soundtracks are used.

Here, on the pages of our internet-portal you may look through the diversity of this specific Acapella genre and download the chosen melody for free. Electronic Acapella music is a range of styles, which take the material for their work from many other trends, and this is the preferential audience.