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RYAN (CUB), Roger Escalante – Cubao [3XA464] RYAN (CUB), Roger Escalante – Cubao [3XA464]
Music / Mixes 7-04-2021

Artist: RYAN (CUB), Roger Escalante
Title: Cubao
Genre: Progressive House
Label: 3xA Music
Quality: 320 kbps

RYAN (CUB), Roger Escalante – Cubao (Original Mix) (8:22)
RYAN (CUB), Roger Escalante – Cubao (Land Mammal UK Remix) (8:19)
RYAN (CUB), Roger Escalante – Cubao (ZAHNA Remix) (8:56)

Rick Pier O’Neil – Slow Burning [JA073] Rick Pier O’Neil – Slow Burning [JA073]
Music / Mixes 10-03-2021

Artist: Rick Pier O’Neil
Title: Slow Burning
Genre: Progressive House
Label: JOOF Aura
Quality: 320 kbps

Rick Pier O’Neil – Slow Burning (Original Mix) (7:17)

Deep house music mixes

In modern music culture a term “mix” is used very often and nobody even thinks about what’s the essence of this notion. In music, compositions, played in sequence, are called “mix”. These compositions are combined due to their similar characteristics of genres and melody. All the latest releases of the modern music and high quality mixes can be downloaded here for free. In this section you’ll find the most popular and new mixes. We always update music on our web-site so you could get the best compositions such as deep house mixes and house mixes.

The main feature of any mix is the absence of any pause at the moment, when one composition ends and the next one starts. As a result you get the impression that one very long song is played. The composition may last from half an hour and up to a few hours. Hours-long music piece is called megamix. First of all they are popular at the disco clubs. They can also be used for TV and radio broadcasts as a background music.

Mixes can be club and studio. Club mixes are created right on the discotheque when DJ plays his tracks. They may not be repeated in any other situation. To create studio mixes some time and special equipment are needed. These mixes are used for music programs, in which the best music pieces of the certain time are presented.

People, who know nothing about music, can confuse mix with remix, thinking they are one and the same. Remix is a piece of music, based on a certain composition, but mixed with the different music effects. The music becomes more dynamic and rhythmic. The whole song doesn’t change, but only its sounding does. In many cases it can become even better and find some new listeners.

There are many software applications that help create mixes at home. Of course, we should understand that the quality of such compositions would be different than of those we used to hear at the discotheque, since it’s hard if not impossible to create a composition of high quality without any proper equipment. That is why in many cases it is much better to use the existing heritage of the music world. Do not limit yourself in opportunity to enjoy the new music releases since this is a part of our culture.