Steinberg Groove Agent SE 5 v5.1.20 WiN Steinberg Groove Agent SE 5 v5.1.20 WiN
Soft / VST Plugins Today, 16:00
Make your beats with the best creative drum software - Groove Agent
Designed for both songwriters and beat producers, Groove Agent 5 includes the very best of electronic and acoustic drums. One of the most detailed acoustic drum kits ever featured in Groove Agent sits alongside a wide variety of percussion, modern electronic drums and MIDI grooves, delivering an inspirational rhythmic composition tool for producers in every genre, from jazz, funk and rock to Trap and EDM. Support for VST, AU and AAX plug-in formats means Groove Agent 5 can be used with virtually any DAW.

A witch says,

* No SteinbergLibraryMangager is required (optional).
* No SteinbergActivationManager isrequired.
* Loads faster than legit version.
* No compatiblity issue with other legit Silk and Silk powered apps.

BaseHead Ultra v2023.06.04 WiN BaseHead Ultra v2023.06.04 WiN
Soft / VST Effects / VST Plugins Today, 15:54
BaseHead Ultra is a SFX searching Beast! If you are a Sound Designer for video games or feature films using a DAW like Nuendo, REAPER or Pro Tools and want to speed up your workflow, then this is the tool for you!

BaseHead is coded in Native languages for both PC and macOS using hi-performance frameworks and NOT some wonky framework that is designed for creating VST plugins instead. Compare our datagrid speeds with the competition and that will make choosing BaseHead a complete no brainer!

BaseHead scales with your company as it grows! From lower priced Lite versions that can be upgraded to an insanely powerful Ultra version with centralized licensing and databases.

Also Includes 22,500+ FREE Sound Effects!

Search with Advanced Precision!
with 50+ Fields of searchable Metadata and four Separate Search/Input fields that allow for Deep and Thesaurus based searches to help you can find what you need with pinpoint accuracy.

Letimix GainMatch v1.413b230228 WiN Letimix GainMatch v1.413b230228 WiN
Soft / VST Effects / VST Plugins Today, 15:50
This tool was designed to make gain matching easy and fast!
Have you ever seen a plugin that sounds so much better when you put it on? And later discovered that it just adds 1 dB of gain on everything?

Or maybe a new compressor, that has a fixed 2dB steps output knob? So that comparing before and after is a pain?

Or maybe a saturation plugin with no output gain, so that it's almost unusable?

Decide if it's better, not louder, in a moment!

GainMatch is an affordable and easy to use tool that we think
everyone should have in their arsenal.

AIR Music Technology Jura v1.0.0.3 WiN AIR Music Technology Jura v1.0.0.3 WiN
Soft / VST Plugins Yesterday, 23:44
In 1982 something magical happened in the world of synths, a Japanese legend was born.

It was one of the synths that defined the sound of the 1980s and was used on countless hits by artists such as The Eurythmics, Cyndi Lauper, and Aha. Now it's loved more than ever and used on tracks by acts like Charlie Puth, Tame Impala, and the Weeknd.

Now we bring you something very special, the authentic sound of that 80s synth
But that's just the start, we wanted to build on the legend and make it fit for modern music production workflows. So for those with qualified AKAI MPC/FORCE standalone versions, you get complete touch control of every parameter. You can really get your hands on this vintage classic and craft your future hits.

Wave Arts MultiDynamics 7 v7.0.0 WiN Wave Arts MultiDynamics 7 v7.0.0 WiN
Soft / VST Plugins Yesterday, 23:22
Versatile multi-band dynamics processor
MultiDynamics 7 is a powerful multi-band dynamics processor useful for mastering, track processing, sound design, and noise reduction. MultiDynamics provides up to 6 bands with independent compression or expansion/gating per band.

Multiband dynamics processing combines the techniques of equalization and dynamics processing, but is more powerful than a static equalizer or a single band dynamics processor. Below are some of the possible ways to use MultiDynamics 7:

Frequency-dependent dynamics. A simple application of multiband dynamics is to apply compression or expansion to a specific frequency range. For example, you may want to compress the vocals in a mix without affecting the low frequencies (bass, kick drum) or high frequencies (snare, cymbals). This is easily done by creating a midrange band to cover the vocal range and setting it to compress.

Notonik-Vst NOTONIK WiN MacOSX Notonik-Vst NOTONIK WiN MacOSX
Soft / VST Effects / VST Plugins 4-06-2023
NOTONIK is a CHORD based Rompler with 100 beautifully crafted Chord Sounds built into a minimalistic UI to keep you focused on one thing, creating beats! The presets in NOTONIK have enough flair and nuance to provide instant inspiration right at your fingertips. NOTONIK was made to simplify the creative process and to spark creativity instantly, so get ready to be truly Inspired!

Features / System Requirements

3 Gb File size: (Sound library can be stored on external drive if you wish)

100 Built in HQ Presets

Effects Chain: Reverb, EQ Cutoff, LFO, ADSR

4 Creative Texture FX: Vinyl, Rain Forrest, City, Space

Sonible Smart EQ 3 v1.2.4 WiN Sonible Smart EQ 3 v1.2.4 WiN
Soft / VST Plugins 4-06-2023
The intelligent equalizer - Your key to spectral balance

smart:EQ 3 enhances detail, clarity and transparency in single tracks and in arrangements of up to six channels. Establish spectral balance in your sound within a few seconds.

World's 1st intelligent multitrack EQ
High-resolution precision at the push of a button
Give your creation a sound balance

Achieve spectral balance with smart:EQ 3 within seconds – whether you are working on a single track or a mix. The AI-powered equalizer will clean-up
Sonible Smart Reverb v1.1.2 WiN Sonible Smart Reverb v1.1.2 WiN
Soft / VST Plugins 4-06-2023
smart:reverb delivers custom-tailored reverb by adjusting its processing to the individual characteristics of the input material and creates a navigable range of styles from scratch.

Reverb that truly fits – powered by A.I.
With just one click, smart:reverb analyzes the source material quickly to create every reverb from scratch. By custom-fitting the reverb to the spectral and temporal characteristics of the input signal, typical problems such as disturbing resonances or muddy reverb tails are avoided from the very beginning.

Explore characteristics, not presets
smart:reverb creates reverb based on the source signal rather than working with presets or pre-recorded impulse responses. To find the reverb style you envision, browse through its reverb matrix, in which all possibilities fit to your input signal. Guided by descriptive properties, you'll find what you are looking for – intuitively and efficiently.

Singomakers Faturist v1.0.0 WiN Singomakers Faturist v1.0.0 WiN
Soft / VST Plugins 3-06-2023
Introducing Faturist - the ultimate saturation and distortion plugin for taking your sound to the next level! Faturist combines the best of futuristic technology and fat, juicy tones to help you create sounds that's both cutting-edge and irresistibly catchy.

"Faturist" allows you to create some great creative distortion effects for basses, synths, pump up the sound of kicks and many more!

Top class filters and 4 band Pre-Distortion EQ for the full character control, 3 Unique types of the Distortion, and huge amount of build-in presets!
Arturia FX Collection 2023.5 WiN Arturia FX Collection 2023.5 WiN
26 essential audio production plugins offering musicians and producers the inspiring, musical, and pro-grade software tools they need to get creative with their mixing, combining unmatched vintage gear emulations with game-changing contemporary effects.


Bus FORCE v1.3.0
Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.4.0
Chorus JUN-6 v1.4.0
Comp DIODE-609 v1.3.0
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