Wavegrove HCL Islander v1.1.1 WiN
Wavegrove HCL Islander v1.1.1 WiN
Islander Vari-Mu compressor with a clipper
This is just not another compressor in an oversaturated market. This is a dual gain stage feeder with time controls that doesn’t get in the way. This is a classic vari-μ design filled with a gritty groove. This is a high-end clipper with added tonality options. This is your gain stage’s first or final step. This is Tom Hanks with fire. This is Titanic’s parallel universe survival. This is phase free raw gain at its purest form. This is Islander – our take on Handcrafted Labs ingenious parallel tube drive design.

Compressor features
✓ Stereo and Mid-side modes, Linking or Dual Mono.
✓ Two controls for gain, one for WET and one for DRY.
✓ Gain Link to inversely mirror your movements between the gain controls, to allow you to blend between wet and dry.
✓ Threshold to control where the compressor starts to react.
✓ Attack from 0.2 ms to 40 ms.
✓ Release from 50 ms to 2000 ms.
✓ VU meters to gauge your compression.
✓ Side Chaining with Feed Back and Feed Forward, at both 75 Hz and 150 Hz, and also of course Full Range.

Additional features
✓ Mastering-grade clipper allows you to push your LUFS to the limits, and maybe over them.
✓ Different emphasis styles for wet and dry. The wet side saturates to a brighter tone, while dry saturates to a smoother tone.
✓ As everything isn’t completely linear, we include Level Calibration too.
✓ Control linking to allow you to control both sides of the compressor with just one set of movements.
✓ Delta monitoring to let you hear the change from the original signal.
✓ Oversampling to allow you to get the smoothest operation at the cost of a bit of performance.

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