AIR Music Technology AIR Delay Pro v1.0.0 WiN AIR Music Technology AIR Delay Pro v1.0.0 WiN
Dual engine, analog, digital, filters, distortion, limiter, chorus, LFO... But that's just the start


Autoclear gives you the option to have enormous delay based effects that stop when you need them to, for example, when the next note hits. It’s something you have to hear to really get your head around. Once you’ve used it you’ll wonder how you ever used an echo without it
Black Rooster Audio The ALL Bundle v2.6.4 WiN Black Rooster Audio The ALL Bundle v2.6.4 WiN
The vintage breeze of classic studio equipment combined with modern day, easy to apply digital processing makes this bundle the perfect chain of tools for everyday mixing. This amazing bundle includes everything you will need for just a joke of a price.

Voxengo Deft Compressor v1.13-TCD WiN Voxengo Deft Compressor v1.13-TCD WiN
The characteristic feature of this compressor is its ability to produce "slim" and "slick" sounding compression, with intelligibility enhancement effect. Such result is achieved by the compressor's timing function that closely resembles the S-curve on both attack and release stages. The S-curve timing function also helps the compressor to sound "warm" and "clean" at most settings.

While at high attack settings Deft Compressor can be used to emphasize audio transients, it can also be used to "smash" the audio signal if you use attack settings as low as 0.1 millisecond.
Dear Reality MIYA v1.0.0 WiN Dear Reality MIYA v1.0.0 WiN
A Completely Different Approach To Distortion
Re-synthesize your audio based on its DNA and go from slight alterations to a complete aggressive reconstruction. Using adjustable harmonics, MIYA creates a wide range of permutations of the original input, ranging from subtle textures to gnarly distortion and even massive sub-harmonics. Enhance your sounds to punch through the mix by sculpting them like a synthesizer.

Graphic Visualizer
MIYA provides immediate visual feedback over your sound using four different colors. The orange vertical line indicates the detected zero-crosses, while the grey line shows the original incoming signal. The blue line plots the generated signal, and the green line visualizes the output from the plugin, which consists of a mix of wet and dry signals.
Be Good Audio Time Razor v1.0.1 Regged WiN Be Good Audio Time Razor v1.0.1 Regged WiN
Creative Versatile Dual Delay With Integrated Effects And Modulation

Makes stutter, tape, pitched(includes broken chords), panning, rhythmic, granulated, ducked, filtered, Mid/Side etc. sounds a breeze to create

Main Features
2 delay lines that can be combined in different delay modes: single, ping pong, dual serial and dual parallel.
2 different controllable time transition modes: Repitch and Fade.
Control the level of the delay lines in Parallel or Serial delay mode.
Music Topia X Djing Music Mix Maker v2.1.6 MacOSX Music Topia X Djing Music Mix Maker v2.1.6 MacOSX
Soft / Audio Soft 6-05-2023
X DJing is a DJ software that lets you easily mix music, set loops, and hot cues and play with audio effects.

Created according to all latest industry standards. No matter if you're a beginner DJ or an experienced artist, you will find everything to create a professional mix.

- 8 powerful audio effects
- Automatic beatmatching and synching
- 4 hot cue points
- 3-band equalizer
- Parallel waveforms
baKno Audio Chimerator v2.0.0 WiN baKno Audio Chimerator v2.0.0 WiN
This plugin provides a unique effect for vocal or instrument tracks, which is best experienced rather than described (scroll down to listen). The plugin features two meticulously crafted frequency response filters, both filters selectively capture those frequencies that coincide with musical notes. One of the filters is resonant and can produce a nice reverb effect reminiscent of chimes, when dialed to its limits. The purpose of Chimerator is to reduce non-musical frequencies, resulting in distinct outcomes for various audio signals. Just give it a try.

baKno Audio Transparent Compressor v2.0.0 WiN baKno Audio Transparent Compressor v2.0.0 WiN
VST Plugins / Audio Soft 6-05-2023
This plugin takes a modern approach to dynamic range compression, focusing on the compression itself rather than timing. The result is a compressor that is user-friendly and easy to understand. It offers three different mathematical methods for compressing the audio signal - Linear, Quadratic and Bezier - each with the option to expand the softest parts of the signal. For those who find it difficult to perceive compression just by ear, the plugin also includes animated graphics to help visualize the compression process.

Transparent Compressor Flow
Although drawing this graphic in the main plugin window can be challenging, it provides insight into how each curve affects the operation of the Transparent Compressor and, most importantly, the final outcome.
Pulsar Modular P42 Climax Mod v5.1.0 FIXED WiN Pulsar Modular P42 Climax Mod v5.1.0 FIXED WiN
Pulsar Modular P42 Climax is an innovative multifaceted powerstrip for tone shaping/coloration, saturation and conjures more of the idea of working with hardware. P42 Climax begins with the heartbeat of a hardware line amp, and ends on every single track because it has the cpu coverage to do so (more than 300 instances in a single session). Sculpt your perfect sound whether processing a single instrument, grouped tracks, the 2-bus or even when mastering. The sound is simply… unbelievable!

Don't underestimate the few parameters in P42 Climax. It is chameleon like, able to assimilate many different coloring hardware devices, but never intended to copy any single one! P42 Climax works magic on drum bus, snare, and of course the bass guitar. Inserting P42 on the 2-bus track, immediately opens up your mix and exposes hidden gems in your mix. With its Mid/Side processing and detailed metering (peak, RMS and LUFS) and Auto. Gain Compensation workflow, P42 fits nicely into your mastering signal chain.
Red Rock Sound Comp 609 v3.5.0 WiN Red Rock Sound Comp 609 v3.5.0 WiN
Classic British Compressor. Comp 609 Immersive Dynamics.
Red Rock Sound Comp 609 recreates sound of the hardware compressor from ’70s. This dynamics processor packs a recognizable musical punch heard on countless records around the world. Designed from the ground up for fast, efficient work on mid/side, stereo and the objects, the beds (fixed channels) of immersive mixing environments.