Robiin - Take Over Control EP [OFR053]
Music / Tech House 22-01-2021
Robiin - Take Over Control EP [OFR053]

Artist: Robiin
Title: Take Over Control EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Ofrenda Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Robiin - Take Over Control (Original Mix) 6:40
Robiin - Take Over Control (Uriah Persie Remix) 6:17

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Music / Tech House 21-10-2020
Robiin - Myster G [RFM059]

Artist: Robiin 
Title: Myster G 
Genre: Tech House
Quality: 320 kbps

Robiin - Myster G (Original Mix)

Robiin – Zulu Tulum EP [BS183] Robiin – Zulu Tulum EP [BS183]
Music / Tech House 18-05-2020

Artist: Robiin
Title: Zulu Tulum EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Beachside Records
Quality: 320kbps

Robiin – Let’s Keep (Original Mix) 6:48 /124bpm/ Dmin
Robiin – Let’s Keep (TEX Remix) 7:30 /126bpm/ Dmin
Robiin – Zulu Tulum (Alez Remix) 6:48 /124bpm/ Emin
Robiin – Zulu Tulum (MRodriguez Remix) 6:09 /125bpm/ Amin
Robiin – Zulu Tulum (Original Mix) 6:04 /123bpm/ F#min
Robiin - The Trip EP [DFM205] Robiin - The Trip EP [DFM205]
Music / Tech House 3-04-2019
Robiin - The Trip EP [DFM205]

Artist: Robiin 
Title: The Trip EP 
Genre: Tech House
Label: Defined Music
Quality: 320 kbps

Robiin - Crack Trip (Original Mix)
Robiin - Da Party (Original Mix)
Robiin - Want U [MMR020] Robiin - Want U [MMR020]
Music / Tech House 12-03-2019
Robiin - Want U [MMR020]

Artist: Robiin 
Title: Want U
Genre: Tech House
Label: Maya Musik Records
Quality: 320 kbps

Robiin - Taboo (Original Mix)
Robiin - Want U (Original Mix)

Robiin - Are Fake [MGL079] Robiin - Are Fake [MGL079]
Tech House / House 27-07-2018

Artist: Robiin 
Title: Are Fake 
Genre: House / Tech House
Label: Musica Gourmet
Quality: 320 kbps

Robiin - Are Fake (Original Mix)
Robiin - Right Now (Original Mix)
Robiin - Who You (Original Mix)
Robiin - Corre EP [ATR001] Robiin - Corre EP [ATR001]
Music / Tech House 24-07-2018

Artist: Robiin 
Title: Corre EP
Genre: Tech House
Label: Aciid Twiist
Quality: 320 kbps

Robiin - Corre (Mirelle Noveron Remix)
Robiin - Corre (Original Mix)