Bobby Owsinski The Mixing Engineers Handbook 5th Edition PDF Bobby Owsinski The Mixing Engineers Handbook 5th Edition PDF
Soft / Music Magazines 14-05-2023
Mixing music was once considered an unteachable art, until the release of the first edition of Bobby Owsinski's The Mixing Engineer's Handbook. This groundbreaking work is now a staple in college classrooms and professional recording studios alike.

For both the beginner learning to use their DAW and professional mixers looking for a foundational reference to keep by their 48-channel mixing console, The Mixing Engineer's Handbook 5th Edition is loaded with invaluable knowledge for anyone who mixes music.
A Little History of Music A Little History of Music
Soft / Music Magazines 6-05-2023
A lively, engaging guide to music around the world, from prehistory to the present

Human beings have always made music. Music can move us and tell stories of faith, struggle, or love. It is common to all cultures across the world. But how has it changed over the millennia?

Robert Philip explores the extraordinary history of music in all its forms, from our earliest ancestors to today’s mass-produced songs. This is a truly global story. Looking to Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and beyond, Philip reveals how musicians have been brought together by trade and migration and examines the vast impact of colonialism. From Hildegard von Bingen and Clara Schumann to Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin, great performers and composers have profoundly shaped music as we know it.

Fretboard Secret Handbook PDF Fretboard Secret Handbook PDF
Soft / Music Magazines 3-05-2023
10 minutes to memorize scale, note position on guitar by this private secret way
Combines Intervals, Chords, Arpeggios, Modes and Practice to let you play freely
38 examples & licks to enhance your playing technique & scale graphic

This handbook lets you memorize notes/scales position efficiently by using the best memory technique "Image Memory Method".

Visualizing Music (Musical Meaning and Interpretation) Visualizing Music (Musical Meaning and Interpretation)
Soft / Music Magazines 3-05-2023
To feel the emotional force of music, we experience it aurally. But how can we convey musical understanding visually?

Visualizing Music explores the art of communicating about music through images. Drawing on principles from the fields of vision science and information visualization, Eric Isaacson describes how graphical images can help us understand music.

Computer Music Presents Beginner's Guide to Music Production (3rd Edition) 2023 Computer Music Presents Beginner's Guide to Music Production (3rd Edition) 2023
Soft / Music Magazines 28-04-2023
If you are looking to get started in music production but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. This book is filled with expert advice and helpful tips to help you on your music making journey. We’ll have you creating your own tracks in no time; over the following pages you’ll learn how to record and arrange tracks like a pro, and we’ll also teach you some tricks for producing different genres like EDM, hip-hop, new country and more.

This book also comes with exclusive access to all the software, plugins and tutorial videos you need for a truly interactive learning experience. Simply follow our guide on page 15 to download and install the Computer Music Plugin Suite.

Vinyl Theory Vinyl Theory
Soft / Music Magazines 25-04-2023
Why are vinyl records making a comeback? How is their resurgence connected to the political economy of music? Vinyl Theory responds to these and other questions by exploring the intersection of vinyl records with critical theory. In the process, it asks how the political economy of music might be connected with the philosophy of the record.

Launching Your NFT Record Label: A Step-by-Step Guide: Music Business Launching Your NFT Record Label: A Step-by-Step Guide: Music Business
Soft / Music Magazines 24-04-2023
Are you an entrepreneur or music industry professional looking to break into the world of NFTs? Our latest ebook, "Launching Your NFT Music Label: A Step-by-Step Guide," is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to build a successful NFT music label.

In this comprehensive guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about NFTs and the music industry, including
Sound On Sound UK/USA May 2023 Sound On Sound UK/USA May 2023
Soft / Music Magazines 21-04-2023
Cranborne Audio Carnaby 500 Harmonic EQ Roland SH-4d synth/sequencer Spitfire Audio Albion Colossus Steinberg HALion 7 Lewitt Connect 6 audio interface Lauten Audio LA-120 capacitor mics ROLI Seaboard Rise 2 keyboard FabFilter Twin 3 soft synth Universal Audio Waterfall Rotary Speaker Roland SPD-SX Pro Electric & Company EC5B comp/lim Lewitt Audio MTP W950 mic Yamaha Stagepas 200 PA MiMU The Jellyfish Rode NT‑USB+ mic Polyverse Supermodal dual filter Radial Reamp Station & Reamp HP Latest sample libraries - and lots more!

The Psychology of Teaching and Learning Music The Psychology of Teaching and Learning Music
Soft / Music Magazines 20-04-2023
The Psychology of Teaching and Learning Music introduces readers to the key theoretical principles, concepts, and research findings about learning and how these concepts and principles can be applied in the music classroom.

Beginning with an overview of the study of teaching and learning, and moving through applying theory to practice, and reflective practice in the process of personal growth, this text focuses on music learning theories, behavioral approaches, cognitive, social-cognitive development, and constructive views of learning. It includes culture and community, learning differences, motivation, effective curricular design, assessment, and how to create learning environments, illustrated by practical case studies, projects, exercises, and photos.

The Rational Approach to Music Theory The Rational Approach to Music Theory
Soft / Music Magazines 20-04-2023
Are you trying to improve your music theory and harmonic ability? As you may have experienced, things can get really complicated as we try to get an in-depth understanding of this subject. Not being very confident about what we learn and how to put it to use, can be quite frustrating. Has it ever crossed your mind that some piece of the puzzle might be missing?