Red Bow Music All the Music Theory a producer needs Red Bow Music All the Music Theory a producer needs
Soft / Music Magazines 6-08-2023
The full book. Here I take you from not knowing what a C note is to being able to manipulate the different degrees, chords and scales to accomplish the sound you want.

Here I present to you a way to skip those 2 years I spent learning music theory with all of the benefits (including all the extra research I had to do to fill in the gaps when the classes weren't clear enough) and none of the boring stuff.

Length: 181 pages

Modern Recording Techniques A Practical Guide to Modern Music Production 10th Edition Modern Recording Techniques A Practical Guide to Modern Music Production 10th Edition
Soft / Music Magazines 1-08-2023
Modern Recording Techniques is the bestselling, authoritative guide to sound and music recording. Whether you’re just starting out or are looking to improve your skills, this book provides an in-depth guide to the art and technologies of music production and is a must-have reference for all audio bookshelves.

Using its familiar and accessible writing style, this new edition has been fully updated, presenting the latest production technologies and including detailed coverage of digital audio workstations (DAWs), networked audio, musical instrument digital interface (MIDI), signal processing and much more.
The Mathematics of Music and Art The Mathematics of Music and Art
Soft / Music Magazines 1-08-2023
This book explores the relationships between music, the sciences, and mathematics, both ancient and modern, with a focus on the big picture for a general audience as opposed to delving into very technical details.

The language of music is deciphered through the language of mathematics. Readers are shown how apparently unrelated areas of knowledge complement each other and in fact propel each other’s advancement. The presentation as well as the collection of topics covered throughout is unique and serves to encourage exploration and also, very concretely, illustrates the cross- and multidisciplinary nature of knowledge. Inspired by an introductory, multidisciplinary course, the author explores the relationships between the arts, sciences, and mathematics in the realm of music.
Future Music Issue 399 September 2023 Future Music Issue 399 September 2023
Soft / Music Magazines 25-07-2023
Future Music is the number one magazine for today's producers. Packed with technique and technology we'll help you make great new music. All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. Every marvellous monthly edition features reliable reviews of the latest and greatest hardware and software technology and techniques, unparalleled advice, in-depth interviews, sensational free samples and so much more to improve the experience and outcome of your music-making.

Music Producers Guide to Logic Pro (1st Edition) 2023 Music Producers Guide to Logic Pro (1st Edition) 2023
Soft / Music Magazines 20-07-2023
This ultimate guide takes your music to new heights. From Logic Pro tutorials to in-depth features, beginner to pro, iPad to synths, we've got you covered.

Music Technology Essentials: A Home Studio Guide Music Technology Essentials: A Home Studio Guide
Soft / Music Magazines 14-07-2023
Music Technology Essentials provides an overview of the vocabulary, techniques, concepts, and devices used in contemporary music production, and guides readers through the essential fundamentals of music technology so that they can create their own music productions at home.

This highly accessible book covers sound fundamentals and theory, as well as practical topics like hardware, software, MIDI, digital audio, synthesis, computer notation, and audio-visual applications, to equip the reader with the principles they need to achieve professional sounding results. Each chapter is accompanied by real-life examples and exercises that can be applied to any digital audio workstation software, to put the lessons into practice. This book will also help readers evaluate their requirements for home music production while working within a sensible budget.

Networked Music Performance Theory and Applications Networked Music Performance Theory and Applications
Soft / Music Magazines 14-07-2023
Networked Music Performance (NMP) is the essential guide to both playing music online and ensemble music through networks. Offering a range of case studies, from highly technical solutions to inclusive community projects, this book provides inspiration to musicians to try NMP whatever their level of technical expertise.

Drawing upon recent research to examine the background and history of the practice as well as specific practical approaches, technical and musical considerations are included for readers, as are ideas around accessibility and creativity. Accessibility is considered in the context of the opportunities that NMP gives to musicians working remotely, as well as some of the barriers to participation in NMP and how these can be overcome.
Forging Pathways to Improvise Music Forging Pathways to Improvise Music
Soft / Music Magazines 14-07-2023
A step-by-step resource on forging one’s own pathway to improvise music, this book guides the musician through a clear and simple method that will easily translate to the reader’s genre of choice.

Many musicians struggle with improvisation. Coincidentally, educators also find it challenging to integrate improvisation into curriculum.

This book breaks down the barriers most performers and educators combat in the learning and teaching of improvisation, and is a helpful approach to demystify the complicated sphere of music improvisation. Divided into three sections, the first part of the book helps the reader develop an improvisatorial mindset to mentally conceive musical ideas, regardless of genre.
Electronic Sound Issue 103 2023 Electronic Sound Issue 103 2023
Soft / Music Magazines 14-07-2023
MONKEY ALERT!! We're marking 50 years of American synthpunk oddballs Devo in this month's Electronic Sound. The band’s co-founders Mark Mothersbaugh and Jerry Casale are in superb form for our cover feature, talking about their current tour – they're playing three gigs in the UK next month – and their forthcoming 'Art Devo 1973-1977' triple album.

The pair recall their formative years at length, a story which involves the extended sonic assault of audiences, monsters high on nitrous oxide, wardrobes full of masks and costumes, and the inevitability of their surrender to the rules of de-evolutionary theory. As one of the group's many memorable slogans has it, "In the beginning was the end”. Oh, and there are monkeys too, of course. We couldn't possibly forget the monkeys.

Computer Music Issue 324 September 2023 Computer Music Issue 324 September 2023
Soft / Music Magazines 10-07-2023
A Computer Music magazine subscription is the complete guide to making music with a computer. There are millions of potential musicians out there and this magazine will help them get the right software and hardware and show them how to use it. Technology is now at a stage where computer users can complete virtually every musical task in the computer domain. Computer Music magazine subscription enables computer owners to develop their musical interest and expertise.